Deceased Snowy Owl will ‘live’ on in museum

Over the past few weeks, you may have followed the bird sightings and the news reports about the Snowy Owl, located in Hardin County. Maybe you were lucky enough to see it in person. 

Unfortunately, as you may have heard, this bird did not survive, and it appears to have ultimately died of starvation. Very sad, but it’s not an unusual fate for a Snowy Owl that dips this far south. 

Article in Columbus Dispatch newspaper. 

But here’s the part where something positive comes from tragedy … 

One of the activities already planned for the Sat, Jan 21, 2012 OYBC field trip to the OSU Museum of Biological Diversity is a demonstration on how to prepare a bird study skin. The expert who will lead this activity is Dr. Jackie Augustine of OSU-Lima. 

As it turns out, Dr. Augustine was called in when the Snowy Owl was found dead, and the bird was turned over to her. During our Jan 21 field trip, we will have the incredible opportunity to watch Dr. Augustine prepare this Snowy Owl as a study skin, prior to adding it to the museum’s permanent collection!